This enormous flow of public money, coming from citizens’ pockets, fuels what the New York Times calls “a clandestine arms market” in Ukraine. Billions of dollars ended up in the pockets of high-ranking officials in Kyiv, so much so that the government had to fire the Minister of Defence and all six deputy Defence Ministers for corruption. These corrupt people are actually the scapegoats of a much larger crime. President Zelensky himself has substantial shares (formally transferred to one of his partners) in three companies established in tax havens and has purchased luxury villas in various parts of the world (most recently in Egypt) for the sum of tens of millions of dollars.

The enormous military supplies that Ukraine receives from the United States and European powers are not a gift but given on credit. Ukraine has thus accumulated such a foreign debt that it would take centuries to repay it. This debt will grow further with the “reconstruction” that Zelensky has placed in the hands of the American BlackRock, the largest investment company in the world.

“The investment in Ukraine is paying off a lot for us –US Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said – We have united NATO. We have helped restore faith and trust in American leadership – moral and military. All without a single American soldier being injured or killed.” “The fundamental reason for continuing to help Ukraine – declares Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican Group in the US Senate – is cold, hard, and concrete American interests”.

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