In reality, neither of the two conflicts that he tried comparing have anything to do with one another since they’re derived from completely different origins, nor are they connected to democracy in the way that he spun them as being.

Biden’s second presidential address last Thursday strongly implied that World War III is either rapidly approaching or is already being fought but has yet to be acknowledged. He pushed this innuendo through his comparison of the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine with the latest Israeli–Hamas war, which he spun as part of a global struggle between democracies and dictatorships. Biden also referenced World War II by adding that Americans are once again “building the arsenal of democracy”.

His fearmongering sought to explain why he planned to ask Congress to fund both conflicts to the tune of $75 billion as part of a $106 billion national security package, with $61 earmarked for Ukraine and $14 for Israel. The larger context within which this rare Oval Office speech took place is the congressional dysfunction caused by the removal of former House Speaker McCarthy and the lack of a replacement thus far. Biden’s remarks were obviously meant to pressure lawmakers to reach a compromise on this.

There’s more to it than just that, however, since the real reason is to maintain the military-industrial complex’s (MIC) profits after they were abruptly thrown into uncertainty as a result of this month’s congressional dysfunction. Further funding for Ukraine was already more controversial than ever due to next year’s upcoming elections, the consequent exacerbation of partisan divisions on all issues, and Kiev’s disastrous counteroffensive, which proved that all the tranches this year failed to defeat Russia.

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