Global Research’s article entitled “Worldwide Genocide? History of U.S. Mass Killings of Civilians: The Monstrous Plan to Kill Palestinians is Fully Endorsed by Washington” focused on the casualties of numerous U.S. wars during a period (1945-2023) which is euphemistically called “the post war era”:

“During and since World War II , the United States has killed more than 40 million people in a number of countries, most of them civilians, either directly or through proxy by its puppet regimes.”

The casualties resulting from military operations undertaken by the U.S. and its proxy regimes do not however take into account America’s acts of economic and social warfare not only directed against the Global South but also, in recent years, against the “developed countries” of the European Union, where poverty is rampant and the Welfare State is being broken to pieces.

Economic and Social Warfare
The purpose of economic warfare (which goes hand in hand with military warfare) is to shut down and loot the resources of the targeted economies and subject these countries to increasing levels of poverty and depopulation to the benefit of the Western financial elites which in the course of the last few years have become exceedingly wealthy.

There are several instruments being used by this elite to accomplish these goals, especially:

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