Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski says Rumble Cloud centers on the importance of freedom of expression and the First Amendment

FIRST ON FOX: Rumble, a popular video-sharing platform, announced Monday the launch of a new cloud service it says will champion the “free and open internet,” and ease companies’ fears of facing censorship or the threat of being deplatformed because of their values.

Speaking with FOX Business ahead of the launch, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski touted his company’s values of “freedom of expression and the First Amendment,” and cited Amazon Web Services’ decision to drop conservative social media network Parler from its web hosting services following the Jan. 6 2021 Capitol protests as the main driver behind developing its own cloud service.

“When we saw that happen, we took it upon ourselves to make sure that could never happen to a platform like Rumble,” Pavlovski said. “After that moment, we realized that it was very important for us to … start owning our infrastructure, and start owning our own servers.”

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