This is an update of the June 9th CotD presentation of the “Adverse Events of Special Interest” (AESI) plus the “Total Adverse Events” within the Health Canada “Reported Side Effects Following Covid-19 Vaccination” report. The reports can be accessed via the Government of Canada website : Total cumulative AESIs to date are 6,824 (in the order of 224 per month). Note that Health Canada has changed reporting this data from monthly to every three months.

The following graphs are a construct of the author utilizing the Health Canada data.

Panel 1

This illustrates the four main AESI sub-groups: Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Nerves & Central Nervous System and Other (includes Anaphylaxis). These four sub-groups account for 89 percent of the AESIs to date. The majority of cases within the Cardiovascular sub-group (80 percent) are attributed to myocarditis and pericarditis. It is interesting to observe in a previous report (May 27, 2022), Health Canada erased (without explanation) 1014 Cardiovascular and 732 Nervous System AESIs. In addition, note the near doubling of AESIs in the Nerves & Central Nervous System sub-group since the previous report of which all are attributed to cerebrovascular accident or stroke.

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