The BBC’s former director of television joined voices today criticising the broadcaster for not calling the Hamas gunmen terrorists in news broadcasts.

Bulletins went out of their way to call them a ‘militant group’ and the appalling massacre a ‘militant attack’.

The terrorists are known to have murdered 700 Israelis so far in the outrage, which has been likened to 9/11.

Danny Cohen, the former director of television at the BBC, expressed disbelief at his former employer’s reluctance to label Hamas a terror group.

He said: ‘This is no time for the BBC or any other UK news organisation to call terrorism anything but what it is.

‘Having worked for the BBC, I understand the delicate balancing act it aims to perform. I also know that the BBC employs a great number of dedicated journalists, committed to their profession and their belief in the important role it plays in a healthy democracy.

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