A recent investigation conducted by the House Select Committee on the CCP uncovered new details about a secret Chinese biolab containing dangerous pathogens that operated in Reedley, California. Disturbing new details exposed by this investigation include: the ability of the lab operator – who was a wanted fugitive – to acquire dangerous pathogens without raising suspicions, the lab’s connections to the Chinese government, as well as an apparent coverup of this threat to national security by the FBI and CDC.

Dangerous Pathogens in Secret California-Based Chinese Biolab
In December of 2022, a local Code Enforcement Officer discovered the presence of an illegal biolab in Reedley, California. After entering the facility, the officer observed several Chinese nationals working in a warehouse filled with thousands of vials of pathogens and biological substances.

While many of the vials were unlabeled, some were labeled in Mandarin, and others were labeled by codes. Only a few of the vials were labeled in English.

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