AS REGULAR readers of our regular analyses of the Yellow Card data from the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will know, this quango that’s so energetic when it comes to enabling and authorising inadequately trialled ‘vaccines’ is not nearly so assiduous when it comes to investigating vaccine injuries and death. In fact it is dormant.

The latest set of ‘adverse events’ data, extracted and analysed for us by Jenny Brown, once more makes deeply troubling reading. You will see from the headline breakdown below that now 1 in 149 people injected experienced a serious adverse event and 1 in 181 of these reports were deaths. To date there have been 2,679 (that’s 0.5 per cent of the total events) ‘fatal outcome’ reports. There were 39 additional such fatality reports in the last four-week period. Bear in mind these are acknowledged by the MHRA itself as likely to be but 10 per cent of the true figure (as with all the categories of events).

Shockingly, 445 of the above fatalities are of ‘unknown age’. That’s 16.6 per cent of all fatalities. And 176 or 6.6 per cent are of ‘unknown sex’. I wonder if Mr Sunak or the Health Secretary can be aware of this? Do they ever request such a breakdown from the MHRA?

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