THE documentary Climate the Movie is the most needed and the most important contribution to the debate about the so-called climate crisis since the ‘alarmism era’ began in the late 1970s. You can read our climate science (sceptic) expert Paul Homewood’s review of it here. It’s a fact-packed near one and half hours of careful argument and evidence covering every aspect of the science and the politics of this internationally accepted and supported hoax. For ease of readers’ reference, we have decided to publish the transcript in sections over this week.

We began on Tuesday with the film’s preamble, the section on the scientific history of the earth and the ‘history’ of CO2 , followed yesterday by the natural climate change and extreme weather sections. The third part today is about the consensus, its funding and climate bandwagon and politics of climate sections.

You can watch the full film here. The transcript follows: the sections in bold type are the commentary.

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