Alberta Education, citing “the valuable feedback Albertans have provided over the last two years,” announced today that they will begin redrafting the K-6 social studies curriculum.

“I am confident this engagement process with teachers, parents, Indigenous, Métis, multicultural and francophone leaders, subject matter experts, school boards and others will build a comprehensive curriculum,” reads the news release, quoting Demetrios Nicolaides, Alberta’s minister of education.

Revisions to the province’s education curricula — especially social studies — have been a heated subject of debate for the past few years.

A draft social studies curriculum proposed by Nicolaides’ predecessor, Adriana LaGrange, was delayed following public backlash and criticism from the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), among others. The material was criticized for being age-inappropriate and culturally exclusive.

Now, ATA president Jason Schilling said he believes the development of the K-6 social studies curriculum is “back on track” due to the development and implementation timeline.

“I’m encouraged to see that they’re moving in a better direction,” he said.

The new draft features a yearlong field testing period, something Schilling says is an important part of determining whether the curriculum is appropriate for students to move up to the next grade — something he believes the math curriculum field test lacked.

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