WINNIPEG – Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), Canada’s national pro-life organization, is alarmed by the election of the anti-life and anti-family NDP in the province of Manitoba.

“Under an NDP government, Manitobans can expect to see parental, free-speech, and religious rights whittled away. This government will be a disaster for the province, especially when it comes to abortion and euthanasia, two issues that the NDP are eager proponents of,” said Maria Slykerman, president of CLC Manitoba.

Slykerman said that pro-life-and-family Manitobans will not sit idly by to watch the NDP undermine the province, turning it into an “Orwellian nightmare.”

She pointed out how in 2018, NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine introduced a draconian private member’s bill (200) that would outlaw peaceful, pro-life expression on taxpayer-owned public sidewalks within a radius of up to 150 metres around all of Manitoba’s abortion facilities. The bill was defeated. But this did not stop Fontaine from introducing a similar bill in 2021 (207) that included banning peaceful, pro-life witness even around schools. This bill was also defeated.

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