How can the Canadian government get away with murder? That is my question after learning the truth about treatments prescribed for “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD) in Canada.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government stressed the importance of treatments that were “officially approved” in the fight against the virus. Only drugs and vaccines that received the imprimatur of Health Canada were deemed acceptable for public use and government mandates. We were assured that these products had met a certain standard in terms of testing, efficacy, and purity. Whereas treatments that were widely used for other diseases but not specifically approved for COVID-19 were deemed unacceptable or potentially dangerous because they were not officially tested against the virus.

Whether or not we agree that the approved vaccines were up to snuff given their rushed development, we must agree that having standards is always a good thing. An “official approval” from Health Canada is supposed to mean something, and without it, we should be very leery about any untested or unproven treatments.

According to the Government of Canada, “Health Canada’s HPFB [Health Products and Food Branch] is the national authority that regulates, evaluates and monitors the safety, efficacy, and quality of therapeutic and diagnostic products available to Canadians. These products include drugs, medical devices, disinfectants and sanitizers with disinfectant claims… If there is insufficient evidence to support the safety, efficacy or quality claims, HPFB will not grant a marketing authorization for the drug. All drugs granted marketing authorization in Canada are reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act.”

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