There has been a recent push to make contraception free for Canadian women. A petition, hosted on the House of Commons’ website and backed by a Liberal MP is calling on the Government of Canada to “commit to a federal policy for the universal coverage of contraception.” The petition, created by a pro-contraception group, has received over 12,000 signatures, which makes it eligible to receive a response from the Trudeau government. The campaign was designed to correspond with World Contraception Day on Sept. 26, 2023.

The contraception campaign is run by a group called Project EmpowHER. The group, comprised of a team of medical doctors seeks to “improve awareness and access to long-acting birth control,” according to the group’s website. On July 27, 2023, the group launched a petition on the House of Commons’ website to “secure free birth control in Canada.” The group argues that universal access to contraception is about securing what it calls on its website “reproductive rights and gender equity.” Of course, it would not truly be free, but paid for by the taxpayer.

“Reproductive rights are currently being systematically dismantled south of Canada’s border in the United States at an alarming rate,” the text of the petition states. “Reproductive rights are human rights and cannot be left to the whim of changing provincial governments,” it adds as a reason for a federal program. The petition was authorized by Alberta pro-abortion Liberal MP George Chahal.

Numerous questions arise: Is contraception good for women’s health?; Does “the pill” offer women any of what it promises – liberation, equality, happiness?; Should a government be funding birth cont

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