We’ve decided to start a LifeFunder for Dr. Ann Gillies after the Superior Court of Ontario issued a ruling in May 2023 in which it ordered her to pay $5,000 in costs to the Bluewater District School Board (BDSB).

Dr. Gillies, a retired psychotherapist and trauma specialist who lives in the district, had sued the school board for censoring her delegation presentation to the board of Trustees, back in 2019. She had planned to object to “allowing the LGBT flag to be flown at our schools in June” along with the teaching of harmful transgender ideology in schools.

In the censored presentation that Trustees didn’t allow her to make, Dr. Gillies stated, in part:

“Transgender children don’t exist – this term was brought into being by a coalition of pressure groups and political activists. It is NOT a scientific or medical term.”

“We have a moral obligation to open transgender doctrine to critical scrutiny. We stand in solidarity with biology, human design, physical reality, health and moralism. As parents and concerned citizens we politely ask that you do not support the harmful transgender ideology by allowing the LGBT flag to be flown at our schools in June.”

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