The House affairs committee must investigate attempts by Chinese agents to cost Conservative votes in the 2021 campaign, MP Erin O’Toole (Durham, Ont.) yesterday told the Commons. “My parliamentary caucus and myself were the target,” said O’Toole following a secret briefing with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“Threats were intended to discredit me, promote false narratives about my policies and severely obstruct my work as a Member of Parliament and Leader of the Official Opposition,” said O’Toole. “The numerous examples also demonstrate there was an orchestrated campaign of foreign interference in the 43rd Parliament into the 2021 general election.”

O’Toole was briefed last Friday. He would not detail specifics of the briefing but said evidence included “payment of funds by the Chinese Communist Party” to aid political opponents, anti-Conservative slander by Chinese language posts on WeChat and “an active campaign of voter suppression against me, the Conservative Party and a candidate in one electoral district during the 2021 campaign.”

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