David Morrison, the Prime Minister’s former national security advisor, yesterday testified he read a secret 2021 memo on intimidation of MPs by Chinese agents but concluded there “was nothing in the note that spurred me to take action.” Morrison said he read the memo with the 2021 election underway.

“There was nothing in the note that spurred me to take action,” Morrison testified at the House affairs committee. “I was national security advisor at that point for an indeterminate amount of time. I didn’t know how long. It would seem to be a week-to-week or month-to-month thing.”

The July 20, 2021 memo from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service detailed political subterfuge by Chinese agents. Morrison said he received it August 17, 2021 two days after the Prime Minister called a general election.

“You didn’t twig to the fact this could be an issue in a campaign that had just been called?” asked Conservative MP John Nater (Perth-Wellington, Ont.). “The answer to the question is no,” replied Morrison.

“I find that simply astonishing,” said MP Nater.

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