Major changes to the federal election map should be in place in 2024, Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault said yesterday. Boundary changes would remove seats in Toronto and northern Ontario and add seats in Alberta and British Columbia.

“One of our election readiness activities this year relates to electoral boundaries redistribution,” Perrault testified at the House affairs committee. “As you know a representation order with a new map of electoral boundaries is expected to be proclaimed early this fall. Elections Canada will then have seven months to prepare for an election using the new boundaries.”

“Any election called after that seven month period would take place under the new map,” said Perrault. “Because of the minority context Elections Canada is faced with the unprecedented situation of having to pursue its preparations for an election under two different sets of maps and be ready to switch instantly from one to another at the end of the seven month period. This is no small undertaking.”

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