Huge Delegation In Montréal
China has more “diplomats” assigned to Montréal than any other country including France, according to new figures from the Department of Foreign Affairs. The House affairs committee has been told the number of Chinese envoys in Canada is suspiciously high.

The department in an updated report Diplomatic, Consular & Other Representatives In Canada said it accredited 138 Chinese diplomats nationwide including 18 in Montréal. China had no agents in Montréal until it opened its consulate there in 2011.

The House affairs committee at a February 7 hearing was told the number of Chinese diplomats in Canada was high compared to other countries. “I counted up the number of diplomats accredited to Canada by various countries,” testified Charles Burton, a former Canadian envoy to China. “It does make me wonder,” he said.

New figures updated to this past March 31 show the list of 138 Chinese diplomats compares to 161 Americans, 60 Japanese, 48 Mexicans, 38 Germans, 35 Indians, 33 French, 33 Saudis, 31 Russians, 30 South Koreans, 28 Filipinos, 27 Britons, 24 Italians, 18 Australians, 15 Cubans, 24 Ukrainians, 12 Vietnamese and five New Zealanders.

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