An $8 million solar-powered warehouse at Rideau Hall came in under budget, says the federal agency that managed the project. Members of the Commons public accounts committee yesterday expressed disbelief over the cost.

“The project budget authority was $8.6 million,” testified Tobi Nussbaum, CEO of the National Capital Commission responsible for the warehouse. “The project was delivered at $8.04 million. Included in that $8 million in terms of the projected budget was about a million dollars in contingencies and risks.”

Expenses totaling $8,039,853 were disclosed October 18 through Access To Information by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. CEO Nussbaum explained the warehouse was used by groundskeepers at the Governor General’s official residence. “Not only is the building net zero carbon but it also generates 40 percent of the energy it requires to operate,” he said.

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