Allegations that cabinet ignored misconduct by foreign agents will not alter New Democrats’ pledge to support the Prime Minister until 2025, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh yesterday told reporters. Withdrawing support and triggering a snap election made no sense, said Singh.

“I don’t see how it’s logical if the goal is to protect our democracy to then trigger an election when we are worried about foreign interference,” said Singh. “That doesn’t seem logical.”

“Do you worry about your own credibility?” asked a reporter. “We are forcing this government to deliver,” replied Singh. “There is not a threat here. There is a straight-up agreement where we have forced this government to do a number of things.”

New Democrats in 2022 reached a Supply And Confidence Agreement with cabinet that included a “no surprises” pledge to support key Liberal bills in the minority Parliament until 2025 in exchange for legislation like pharmacare. “I am going into this with eyes wide open,” Singh said at the time.

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