Liberal and New Democrat MPs have opposed a budget amendment to cut the Governor General’s funding. Conservative MP Kelly Block (Carleton Trail-Eagle Creek, Sask.) sponsored the motion after accusing Rideau Hall of high living while Canadians turn to food banks.

“One in five Canadians are skipping meals because food is too expensive,” MP Block told the Commons government operations committee. “Just this week the food bank in Saskatoon held a food drive as usage is higher than it’s ever been.”

“Irresponsible spending by the Office of the Governor General has caused outrage,” said Block. “That’s our job, to hold department’s accountable, and this is one way we can do it,” she added.

“The Governor General has shown a lack of respect for taxpayers, the Canadians she is meant to represent,” said Block. “The job for which she has been tasked has become a means to expense an extravagant lifestyle.”

MP Block’s remarks came during committee debate on Main Estimates, a budget document that proposed to spend $24.3 million at Rideau Hall this year. Block sponsored a motion that the appropriation “be reduced by $136,986 a 31 cents.”

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