Biometric cryptocurrency and digital identity company Worldcoin released World App, a digital wallet, six months ago. Since then, it has reached 4 million downloads according to Tools for Humanity, the app’s developers. There are also over 100,000 active users daily and over 500,000 weekly. Monthly active users have reached 1 million worldwide.

Users have made more than 22 million transactions from their self-custody wallet, which Worldcoin credits to a recent update that made the app more cost efficient and reduced the load on Optimism by two thirds.

Transactions for World ID holders are gas (transaction fee) free. The company says its app features an intuitive UX design, making crypto more accessible for newcomers. It only displays the most relevant parts of the Worldcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.

The app is available on iOS and Android and is 18MB in size. It is localized to a variety of languages and supports 98.2 percent of Androids and 94.5 percent of iPhones actively being used in the world today. Localization will continue to expand to include additional languages and currencies.

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