Mutual recognition for cross-border digital identity in sight

Digital identity, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are among the key areas covered by the new EU-Canada Digital Partnership, launched at the 19th EU-Canada summit in St. John’s, Newfoundland last week.

A release from the European Commission says that the partnership is intended to strengthen the two regions’ ties as strategic and like-minded partners in the digital field. It supports a number of objectives, including cooperation on international connectivity and robust semiconductor supply chains, monitoring of the development and deployment of AI systems including generative AI, and facilitating the exchange of best practices on digital ID, regulatory frameworks and data spaces.

Specifically, the agreement promises to “develop closer cooperation through digital research and deployment programmes in the areas of supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, advanced digital skills, and digital identity and digital credentials.” Of particular note is section III.20, which states clearly that ”both sides intend to exchange information on their respective digital identity and digital credentials as well as trust services frameworks and develop concrete pilot projects towards their interoperability, paving the way for their possible mutual recognition.”

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