Who are they taking orders from??

In a scandal dubbed the “#RKIFiles,” over 2000 pages of documents (printer ink alert: half of which are blackened/retracted!) from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)—you know, the cornerstone of Germany’s disease control—have been released. What they reveal is as close to a bureaucratic faceplant as you can get.

Here’s the situation: Although the leaked documents indicate that the pandemic risk was deemed moderate to low, Germany aggressively imposed an economic shutdown. This action led to widespread business closures, a significant economic downturn, and numerous other detrimental effects resulting from the lockdowns, suggesting that the remedy was much more damaging than the problem itself.

And why? Because, if you can believe it, they were allegedly following “orders from outside.” The natural question that follows is, “Who in the world has the audacity to order around a sovereign nation?”

Journalist Florian Warweg (@FWarweg) sought clear answers from the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) in a quest that turned infuriating. He demanded to know why, despite the RKI’s classification of the threat as minor, there was a push to grind the economy to a halt. The BMG’s reply was infuriatingly evasive, amounting to a lesson in dodging questions: “These are internal RKI protocols and as the BMG, we generally do not comment on them.”

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