Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary wants the people to know that the European Union is controlled by the globalists. His government has begun a campaign to explain this message, placing billboards depicting European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen with Open Society Foundations heir Alex Soros. “Let’s not dance to their tunes,” one billboard stated.

There are also signs showing Open Society found George Soros with Jean-Claude Juncker, showing that the globalists have had their grip on the European Union since its creation. European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen is allegedly unphased by the advertisements, for she knows they are true. Alex Soros proudly declared that he is more political than his father and plans to influence worldwide governments with billions in funding.

Orban does not want to leave the EU, but he does want to change the organization and insists other European countries “must say no to the current Europe model built in Brussels.” Orban has been in a quarrel with the EU after they blocked billions in euros due to his administration’s policies. Orban does not want to send additional aid to Ukraine, insisting the money is needed at home. Furthermore, he opposes inviting Ukraine to join the EU. “Correcting the mistaken promise (by Brussels) to start talks (with Ukraine about EU membership) will also be our task, as Ukraine is light years away from the EU now,” Orban said.

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