Conservatives and others who understand the importance of hydrocarbon-based energy sources—coal, oil, and natural gas—to maintaining a safe, free, and prosperous society must stop shooting themselves in the foot by using the language of climate alarmism (see part one of this series: “Fueling the Fire: The Conservative Climate Language Trap”). As was demonstrated by protestors on the streets New York City this week, climate activists want to entirely end all use of hydrocarbon fuels. Do not phase it down. Not operate with carbon dioxide capture. But kill so-called fossil fuels entirely. They chanted:

“Sea levels are rising, so are we”

“Keep that carbon in the soil”

“There’s nothing natural about natural gas”

That last one begs the question: if natural gas is not natural, then is it supernatural?

Regardless, there is no middle ground in their eyes. It is just like in the movie “Independence Day” when President Thomas Whitmore asks the captured alien, “What do you want us to do?” The alien responds, “Die.”

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