What do billionaires want? Why are they trying to control the entire world?

I, for one, had trouble managing a single family, spouses and their relations from earlier marriages, multiple children, our children’s friends (several of whom lived with us from time to time), multiple dogs, assorted small adopted creatures including two cockatiels, five guinea pigs, three teddy bear hamsters, a lop-eared rabbit, and one tarantula who was quickly relocated to another branch of the family.

Do the billionaires sit around and “tsk tsk” at us mere humans as we bumble our way through life? Are they muttering as they watch, “And that’s why we can’t have nice things…”

Or are they just bored?

If you have money to buy anything in the world you want, is the thrill eventually gone? Once you have the private luxury jet, the mega yacht, the vintage cars, mansions on four continents, the most “desirable” women, clothing strewn with jewels, the admiration of all your peers, celebrities at your beck and call,, and sex with anyone, what is left?

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