Hive mind. The Collective. Hyper-reality. The Borg. RAND Corp. has been a think tank closely associated with the Trilateral Commission since 1973, producing studies like this. All roads lead back to the military in their quest to create the perfect “super soldier,” shades of Hitler’s “Superman.” The military is chock full of narcissistic Technocrats whose holy grail is and always has been to “Master the Human Domain.” RAND is lighting the way:

“Given the direct embedding of technology into human cognitive, physical and psychological functions, substantial levels of human augmentation may ‘[blur] the notions of identity and of what it means to be human’, introducing new normative lenses on humanity and producing new stigma for those not seen as attaining those norms.” (p. 59, 4.5.3 Cultural Implications)

— Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

The Internet of Bodies ecosystem may lead to the Internet of Brains sometime between 2035 and 2050, according to a UK Defence-commissioned RAND report.

Commissioned by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and conducted by RAND Europe and Frazer Nash Consulting, the study “Cultural and technological change in the future information environment” looks at six technologies and information environments and their implications for British defense.

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