The evidence, in an alphabet of exhibits

Earlier this week former teacher, education advocate and researcher, Chanel Pfahl, finished an epic twitter thread: 26 exhibits (a to z), featuring photographic evidence of ideological indoctrination occurring in Canadian k-12 classrooms.

I recommend Woke Watch Canada readers bookmark todays post as it provides a treasure trove of evidentiary material illustrating the extent of ideological indoctrination that IS happening in Canadian schools.

Before we get started. Credit must go to Chanel for compiling this extraordinary index of ideological overstep, all happening (without a doubt happening) in the one place where Canadian children are most vulnerable to suggestion, bias, and yes, to indoctrination: the institutions parents trust to educate their children.

These 26 exhibits are the tip of the iceberg. Chanel is dedicated to this file! Follow Chanel on X – where she publishes a steady stream of this type of content. From questionable material produced by school administrators to the sometimes blatant indoctrination by woke teachers, captured in source documents, and/or photographs of classroom settings. See for yourself how students are engaged in various lessons and exercises that informed observers correctly identify as ideological indoctrination.

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