Ontario schools want to rub parents faces in the practices and policies they oppose

After a full summer of Pride celebrations, Ontario school boards have decided they just can’t let a good party end! Now we are hearing, for the entire month of October, students and families will be celebrating alphabet people history month. I’m sure readers are as excited as I am about this, but even still, this year I think I will celebrate by writing a piece or two on the history of the LGB Alliance (Lesbian/Gay/Bi-Sexual), or on the children’s advocacy group, Gays Against Groomers.

I have officially, and deliberately, withdrawn all my support from anything associated with Queer Theory, Gender Ideology, or radical Trans Rights Activism. In other words, the ideas exalted by anti-social agitators like Antifa, arguably some of the worst ideas ever articulated, should not only have all support withdrawn, but should be vehemently opposed by anyone who wishes not to see children harmed or who values Western morality and liberal principles. And frankly, who wishes civilization not to crumble quite so quickly

Below is an official looking announcement from a group of Ontario principals delivering the news that October will be an exciting month exploring the underground contours of deviancy. It is clear to the astute observer that the LGBTQ wishes to install the Queer Theory program over the edifice of society, dissolve all moral boundaries in the process, and ensure the normalization of deviant sex acts, which are taught to children to be more exciting if performed when high on drugs.

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