Jew hatred and the Left

If, after the October 7th terrorist attacks in Israel committed by Hamas, you were surprised by the global outpouring of support for Hamas and their kidnapping, rape and murder, you have not been paying attention. The excesses of the progressive Left and their affinity for Islam have been on public display since 9/11.

The support of Hamas and the antisemitism that is proudly on display on Campuses across the West, in K-12 education, trade unions, psychological organizations, and many other institutions is being carried out by a decidedly left-wing progressive faction. Some will argue that the Muslims involved in these pogroms are far right as they are fundamentalists. In essence, I agree, but the reality on the ground does not match this narrative. The Muslims are speaking the language of decolonization and Intersectionality, two decidedly progressive left-wing ideas.

The socialist Left has been siding with Islam and against the West since the late 80s. Nick Cohen’s book What’s Left: How the Left Lost Its Way does an excellent job of chronicling how the Socialist Left went from focusing on Marxism to anti-imperialism. The struggle of countries in the Middle East against the US and the West was perfect fodder to rage against US Imperial aspirations. By the early 90s, Intersectionality was gaining momentum, and Post-Colonialism, which had been around since the 70s, was getting new life. These two lenses suited the new progressive Left born out of the old Socialist-Left.

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