Meanwhile student achievement, by about any metric, continues to lag

The math proficiency test for new teachers, introduced in 2019, was initially ruled discriminatory by the courts, but that ruling was just overruled, allowing the government to reinstate the test. But for the time being, it is electing not to do so, as the appeals process has not yet been exhausted.

The plaintiff in this case is the Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council (OTCC). They had argued that the test was discriminatory because certain racialized teacher candidate groups were failing the test at higher rates than white candidates (as a group). The OTCC applied textbook Critical Theory principles to jump to the conclusion that the test was invalid, since the differential outcomes (based on racial identity) “proved” the test was inherently racist. This is of course absurd, and is like claiming the National Basketball Association is racist for employing a disproportionate number of black players, as I have pointed out before.

The lower court, clearly aligned with Critical Theory, agreed, and the test was paused. But on appeal, the decision was overturned. Yipee! A victory for rationality, you say. But wait- sorry to say that is not the case at all.

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