Pam Palmater says Canadian farmers are “rural white supremacists” who shoot indigenous people

In April of 2021, the Canadian House of Commons tabled Bill C-21 – An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms). According to the overview found on the Government of Canada website:

“Bill C-21 proposes a number of amendments to the Criminal Code, the Firearms Act, and other federal legislation that seek to fulfill the Government of Canada’s commitments in relation to gun control and to protect Canadians from firearms-related harm.”1

Initially focusing on restricting legal access to handguns.2 The scope of the bill was broadened by the Liberals who later introduced an amendment including a new legal definition for “assault style weapons.” This meant that hundreds of firearm models would be prohibited, including some quotidian hunting rifles. Opposition MPs were outraged by what they saw as Liberals attacking law-abiding gun owners.

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