The rise of postmodern antitherapeutic theories

In May of this year, I published an open letter written by Carla Duda, RCC, M. Couns. Psych., and W. Paul Erickson, RCC, M. Couns. Psych., to the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Carla and Paul were concerned about the BCACC’s “new Standards to govern counselling practice, dictating what kind of counselling patients throughout BC will receive, and what kind of practice counsellors will be compelled to undertake.”

Indeed, their concerns stem from the stark reality that the new BCACC standards, which seem designed to push Social Justice doctrine (not improve patient outcomes), are a departure from the traditional practices “bounded by the constraints of strong codes of ethical conduct, rigorous laws, and scientific practice,” and that “appears to be largely replaced by the dictates of postmodern, anti-therapeutic theories.”

Paul and Carla, and a few of their colleagues, are back with an update on the BCACC file. It appears things have been moving in the wrong direction since May, in spite of the well articulated and sensible concerns of Registered Clinical Counsellors in B.C.

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