The Peel District School Board is starting to feel the heat as the public is beginning to question the wisdom of “affirmative care”. Yesterday, September 18th 2023, Peel District School Board Director of Education Rashmi Swarup sent out this message to all employees via email:

Dear PDSB Staff,

We are aware of plans for organized protests across the province against the teaching of Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ identities on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 including an organized protest in the Peel Region. It has been shared on social media and in news outlets that these protests will be organized across Canada. It is our understanding that the Peel Region protest site is at Mississauga City Hall (300 City Centre Drive). School communities in the surrounding area of Square One could be affected by the gathering of people and the display of discriminatory and hateful language.

On Friday September 15, a communication was sent by the Director to Senior Team, Trustees and Administrators providing information regarding the planned protest for Wednesday September 20, 2023. It included strategies and resources to support administrators to ensure that students and staff, especially those who identify as Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+, feel safe, supported and validated.

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