By the last few months of the previous school year, what had been a burgeoning parents rights movement, was beginning to indicate to those most deeply involved, a forward momentum akin to an unstoppable force of nature. Myself and others suspected that parents rights would soon be thrust into the mainstream Canadian discourse.

Indeed, late last school year, the pace of noteworthy developments in the gender file began to accelerate. I remember being somewhat concerned about the workload taken on by Shannon Douglas, who was producing a weekly Gender Wars report for Woke Watch Canada. Shannon’s first few reports were not as intense as they would later become. At first, there was only one or two things to cover, but as school board meetings concerning the incursion of gender ideology and its consequences on school policies became more contentious, and as more parents began forming parents rights groups and taking their frustrations to social media, Shannon’s job became a massive undertaking.

Then, there was somewhat of a lull over the summer, but eventually, the new school year arrived. My first instinct was to describe this year’s start as a “bang,” but I changed my mind and decided on “explosion” instead. What other word could do justice to the 1 Million March 4 Children parents rights protests that occurred across the nation on September 20th? In my view it was a decisive turning point in the struggle to restore sanity and protect children in Canadian education.

The momentum from the protests last week seems to be multiplying. It is clear that greater support for parents rights are inexorably linked to greater awareness of the ideological encroachment into our sacred institutions of public education. The realization that the politicization of the classroom, and the outrageous social experiments that place Canadian children as test subjects, has become a clear and present danger, is something that until a year or so ago, was not widely understood, and definitely not on the radars of most Canadians. All of this has changed. Thank you Jesus!

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