A fathers dream transitioned by ideology

On the sunny solstice afternoon of 2021, my eighteen-year-old daughter called me. She seemed hurried, nervous, “Dad, I just wanted to let you know I’ve started HRT!”

The words tumbled from her mouth. The floor became unsteady beneath me. I had hoped it was a phase. A fad. I had told myself she’d sort herself out through the vicissitudes of teenage girlhood; that changing names and pronouns, experiments with clothes and testy attitudes were only symptoms of difficult, awkward adolescence.

It wasn’t as ubiquitous even then as now to hear from a friend, a relative, a colleague that a child or teen in their social orbit had changed pronouns or identified as transgender. It wasn’t as common to hear a parent of tweens remark that they were surprised by the number of their children’s friends who had changed their names. Nine of a dozen kids in a Dungeons and Dragons group; twelve of fourteen in a school arts program. One Ottawa Public School Board teacher recently bragged on twitter that seven of her thirty students in her grade 5-6 class had confided in her about their gender identities. In my family, my niece, now in her early twenties, reverted to identifying as a girl after some years, but her two half-siblings both changed their sex-identification in the meantime and started hormones. My cousin’s child, non-binary. New name, clothes, and hair.

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