My last update on the Quesnel file was on Tuesday. Professor Frances Widdowson who, like me, is one of the authors of the controversial book, Grave Error, was on her way to attend the Quesnel City Council meeting, and hopefully say a few words in defense of our book. Read Widdowson Takes Quesnel to get up to speed.

The Quesnel council meeting was held yesterday. It was an embarrassing and shocking clown show. It was the inspiration for the title of this piece: Empathy or Totalitarianism? And it is clear from the video of the meeting (embedded below) that toxic levels of woke empathy and broken thinking have saturated public institutions across the country, and taken on a totalitarian character. Quesnel’s city council is the epitome of this.

At 1:20 minutes, Frances’ time begins. Her question concerned the claim of the discovery of unmarked graves in Kamloops, BC, which had been discussed without challenge at the previous council meeting:

“Does the council concern itself with misinformation? Does it oppose misinformation being spread and entered into the record.” – Frances Widdowson

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