Sabreina Dahab, a trustee at the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB), made a series of posts (including re-posts) of antisemitic comments that appear to show support for Hamas -a group the Canadian government has deemed a terrorist organization, who run the Palestinian government in the Gaza strip, and who on Saturday morning, conducted a series of coordinated terror attacks from the Gaza strip, against Israeli military and innocent civilians (including women, children and the elderly).

Hamas terrorists entered the communities and homes of innocent Israeli citizens, killing and capturing hundreds, and leaving thousands more injured and traumatized. Canada’s three federal leaders, Justin Trudeau, Pierre Poilievre, and Jagmeet Singh have all come out with strong statements in support of Israel and in condemnation of Hamas. Indeed, most Canadians, with the rare exception being those among the anti-social radical fringe of the far Left, like Sabreina Dahab, unequivocally condemn the targeting of civilians. However, as the reader can see from the image below of Sabreina’s X post, the thick fog of woke ideology has impaired her humanity.

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