Which One Is Spreading Misinformation About COVID-19?

A headline graced newspapers across Canada today. Here it is as presented by CTV News…

I am not sure why they chose to show a picture of a massive clinic that was set-up to get coerced and scared parents to have an experimental, far from ideal vaccine administered to children for an infectious agent that was and is less dangerous than the flu. Among many issues, informed consent was an impossibility because people were propagandized, not informed. It is as though state-funded CTV News wanted to remind people of how much children were abused at the hands of public health and government officials.

At face value, the stated purpose of the new “Canadian Covid Society” appears positive. But a deeper look raises some questions. I found there to be fear mongering by ‘experts’ that appear to have been misinformed to some degree. The “team” at the Canadian Covid Society includes two physicians, a physicist, an engineer, and a person who works in ‘governance’. Notably lacking for an organization that wants to address issues related to COVID-19 is expertise in immunology and virology.

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