Prime minister Justin Trudeau will never be forgotten for calling Canadians protesting draconian, scientifically flawed COVID-19 mandates ‘Nazis’. In fact, it is remarkable how many Canadians adopted this hateful perception. This seemed to be caused by two or three ‘bad apples’ infiltrating crowds that totaled hundreds of thousands of people over the course of several weeks during the Freedom Convoy run by truckers.

I was accused by colleagues of somehow being a Neo-Nazi by virtue of talking about COVID-19 science in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa while the protests were being held. Coincidentally, I had someone run up to me just five days ago to interrupt a conversation I was having in public within my city of Guelph to scream that I “speak at neonazi rallies”. When I turned to them and calmly asked what they were defining as a ‘neonazi rally’, they implied it was the Freedom Convoy protests and then they refused to engage in a reasonable discussion; instead, they turned and ran away to avoid a discussion of objective facts.

This is the equivalent of telling somebody that attended a sporting event that they support illicit drug use because somebody sitting on the other side of the stadium was caught conducting a drug deal. What ludicrous reasoning!

I was in Ottawa when the Freedom Convoy protest was happening and can attest to the fact that it was a family-friendly event. In fact, it was like a utopia of sorts. People of every cultural background, creed, faith, age, and socio-economic status were united to try to gain back basic individual freedoms that had been taken away on the basis of incomplete, misinterpreted, and fatally flawed science.

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