The discovery of excessive levels of DNA contamination in the mRNA COVID shots has raised questions about how it got there, and what it means for people who may have been injected with contaminated products. Scientists have some answers, and a lot of questions…

Earlier this year, Umbrella News reported that genomics scientist Kevin McKernan claimed to have found plasmid DNA contamination – anywhere between 18-70 times above legal limits – in the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

“I wasn’t actually looking for it,” McKernan said in an interview, in which he recounts being “shocked” at finding the contamination while running an unrelated experiment in his Boston lab in early 2023. McKernan posted his findings to social media, and other scientists began running their own experiments and sharing notes.

One of these scientists was cancer genomics expert and mRNA proponent Dr. Phillip Buckhaults, who was initially skeptical of McKernan’s findings, until he replicated them multiple times in his own lab. On 14 September, Dr. Buckhaults, who has taken the mRNA vaccines himself, testified in a South Carolina Senate hearing that he too had found lots of “itty bitty bits” of plasmid DNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines, which he likened to scattered buckshot.

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