An Indigenous policy expert is accusing Mississauga mayor and potential Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidate Bonnie Crombie of jumping “on social media trends,” after Crombie proposed a motion to change the lyrics of Canada’s national anthem.

Crombie’s Motion to city council proposes to change the lyrics of Canada’s national anthem from “our home and native land” to “our home on native land.” If passed, it would have Mississauga send a letter requesting the federal government change the lyrics of O Canada.

The motion says, “the new wording represents a truth which is critical to the understanding of present-day Canada and that such a change is consistent with the federal government’s commitment to Reconciliation.”

When asked about Crombie’s effort to change the national anthem, MacDonald-Laurier Institute Indigenous Policy Analyst and Outreach Coordinator Melissa Mbarki told True North the latter “may bring you some popularity [but] does nothing to improve the lives of Indigenous people.”

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