Advocates of Net Zero policies repeatedly reassure the public that they are advancing cheap, green energy with the promise of vast numbers of lucrative green jobs and world leadership for the U.K. in selected green technologies.

Unfortunately for the hard pressed British electorate “cheap, green energy” is nothing more than an empty political slogan arrived at by a dishonest sleight of hand. Specifically, the politicians simply ignore the true costs of the “cheap, green energy” which soon becomes very expensive when factoring in all costs.

The chart below is from the U.K. Government’s own Electricity Generation Costs 2023 report and forms the centrepiece of the green propaganda. It purportedly shows the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) for different generating technologies[1]. The government uses deceptive ‘calculations’ to arrive at a distorted cost for electricity generated by wind-power. The calculations discount both capital and operating costs and the electricity generated over the expected lifetime of the relevant asset and divides one by the other to arrive at a single levelised cost of electricity.

In this way the government can claim that offshore wind is 2.5 times cheaper than dirty old gas generation (CCGT), right?


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