Deception presents massive evidence for two propositions: Covid was created with U.S. funding, and Fauci covered up his responsibility for creating that situation.

ost books by politicians are ghostwritten, poll-tested, reputation-whitewashing, score-settling mental baby food. Sen. Rand Paul’s book out today, Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up, instead reads like a mash-up of the true-crime and spy thriller genres.

It’s an in-depth accounting of how one man — Anthony Fauci — may be responsible for not only creating the Covid-19 outbreak but for turning an accident into a global catastrophe. It emphasizes that all the dangerous conditions that unleashed Covid persist, and could easily lead to another, far worse pandemic any time now through incompetence, hubris, or terrorism.

Paul documents that the man sitting on “the biggest pile of infectious disease funding in the world” used that massive influence over “science (TM)” to cover up his involvement with Frankenstein science that appears to have unleashed a laboratory-worsened disease on the world. The devastating consequences have only begun to appear.

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