Toronto Blue Jays call Christian player “hateful” for supporting Bud Light boycott
Does anyone think the Blue Jays would reprimand a Muslim for expressing his beliefs about gender?
Miller’s video showed him quoting scripture to encourage Christians to boycott Bud Light and Target for their respective anti-women and anti-children branding. (Bud Light reduced womanhood to a feeling, and Target sold Pride-friendly clothes to children, including bathing suits in the female section with a penis ‘tuck’.)

Chaos ensued. First, mainstream media outlets piled on Bass, calling for him to apologize. Some even said he should be kicked off the Blue Jays for good.

Bass caved to the pressure almost instantly. He deleted his post – but that wasn’t enough.
The next day at the Blue Jays clubhouse, Bass went to his manager’s office to apologize. The GM of the Blue Jays, Ross Atkins, was also present. But that wasn’t enough either.

His manager, John Schneider, told Bass that his apology needed to be louder. Bass then apologized to his teammates, as if Vladdy Guerrero Jr. honestly gave a flying fadoo.
Bass then issued an apology to the press.

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