With just one week to go until Alberta’s provincial election, Peterson was more political than usual.

“Alberta is facing a very interesting election. It’s an election of international significance,” he said.

“You’ve got 10 days on a close election, and if the net zero types win, you’ll get exactly what you deserve. The whole world will,” Peterson added.

Peterson told the rally goers to call everyone they know and get them involved to take action against Rachel Notley’s NDP.

The Counter Signal’s Editor-in-Chief Keean Bexte attended the event, calling the atmosphere “edgy.”

“It’s like a Trump rally,” Bexte tweeted.

He added, “REMINDER: @jordanbpeterson and Rachel Notley grew up together. He called her party, and it’s members ‘resentful and bitter and false.’”

Commentator and author Rex Murphy also spoke at the event. Murphy told the crowd his pronouns were “The carbon tax is horseshit.”

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