Their declaration comes just five weeks before more environmental regulations and taxes come into effect, as dictated by Trudeau’s climate czar – the CN Tower scaler himself – Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault.
The Clean Fuel Regulations and yet another carbon tax increase are set for July 1, which P.E.I Premier Dennis King said will cost citizens 17 cents extra per litre for home heating fuel.

“Consumers here have been hit hard with inflation and we can’t take any more cost at the pump, and to have a double whammy like this will impact our economy,” King said.

“And that’s going to be difficult for Islanders and for Atlantic Candians to absorb,” he added.

King further said that, on top of inflation hitting Atlantic provinces hard, “we don’t have a whole lot of options in terms of we have one major refinery that produces most of the fuel that we use for the region.”

The Atlantic Premiers met with climate change Minister Guilbeault virtually on Wednesday. They also expressed worry that the regulations would impact the cost of imported goods, and fuel prices and supplies.

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