The world is fast approaching one of the great turning points in history. A�er half a millennium of
unprecedented dominance, Western civilisa�on is on the wane and the shadows it casts are
lengthening. Many parts of the West are living off memories, and outbreaks of weakness, folly, madness,
and decadence are all too evident. But any image of sunset and twilight is too benign. Biter ideological
and cultural conflicts throughout the West now cap the story of the massive and destruc�ve conflicts
over the last few centuries, many of them set off by the great quartet of Western cataclysms: the
Renaissance and Reforma�on in the 15th and 16th centuries, and the Enlightenment and the French
Revolu�on in the 18th century. It is plain that the West has lost faith and confidence in itself. It no longer
knows how to tell its own story, and it is gambling the civilisa�on on which it rests. The present moment
is moving towards a decisive phase of the showdown. Too many people are in denial and too few realise
the gravity of the stakes.

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