A powerful European Union (EU) bureaucrat has called on governments around the world to stop trying to explain “the science” to their citizens and start using the military to vaccinate the public instead.

The EU’s European Research Council President Maria Leptin, a World Economic Forum (WEF) agenda contributor, argues that trying to explain to citizens why they should get vaccinated was a failure during the Covid pandemic.

During a WEF panel discussion, Leptin declared that governments should stop trying to convince the public to take the vaccines and just call in the military and “religious establishment.”

Joining Leptin on the panel were Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, WEF Executive Committee member Shyam Bishen, former CEO of Bill Gates’s GAVI and co-creator of COVAX Seth F. Berkley, and Harvard’s Michelle Williams.

But believes that the science behind vaccines shouldn’t be explained and members of the public should, instead, be railroaded into taking the injection by their government.

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